UK Based Embroidery Suppliers

DMC thread, needles, AIDA fabric – these things are easy to find. But when you start trying to find more specialist embroidery materials and tools, its a challenge!

Over lockdown I’ve been on the hunt for people to buy from. These are who I’ve found so far – if there’s anyone I’m missing please give me a shout!

Please note: I haven’t bought from all of these places yet. Please exercise normal caution when buying on the internet!

Brick and Mortar

London Bead Co.

If you’re in London, don’t skip out on a visit to this treasure trove! As the name suggests they sell an amazing range of beads, but over half the shop is given over to a glorious Aladdin’s Cave of the most sumptuous range of threads. They’ve got the full range of DMC, Anchor, and Appleton crewel wool, but also a huge variety of silk, fascinating blends, amazing hand dyed threads from various suppliers, weird and wonderful threads begging for a stump work or crazy quilt project. (They also have an adorable fluffy white shop dog you may be lucky enough to meet!) They sell fabrics, basic tools, embroidery books etc as well.

Their full range is also available to purchase through their website:

Wemyss School of Needlework

It’s a museum and shop combined! Only a short bus ride from Edinburgh, don’t miss this if you’re in Scotland!

Threads and Techniques

Oliver Twists

Fantastic range of weird and wonderful threads, including colour themed goodie bags

The Common Thread

Silk ribbons, plus other threads

Rainbow Silks

Range of threads including sari ribbons, various silks, silk fibres, supplies for paper making, dyeing, etc


Midori Embroidery

Range of beautiful Japanese filament or “flat” silks. 

Mulberry Silks by Patricia Wood

Glorious range of twisted silks, available in various thicknesses. Offered in wonderfully curated themes such as “kingfisher” or “Aegean”.

Pipers Silks

A beautiful range of colours in flat silks, twisted silks, spun silks, in different weights. If you are familiar with the work of Helen M. Stevens, these are the silks she uses!

Devere Yarns

300 shades of filament silk. (Also sell cotton and worsted wool thread)

London Bead Co.

Au Ver A Soie D’Alger range, plus stocks other silk and silk blends by specialist producers.

Jenny Adin

Soie D’Alger Range

The Silk Mill

100% pure Chinese monofilament silk thread. 714 vibrant shades of silk

White work

Jenny Adin

White work supplies

Golden Hinde

Supplies for white work


Jenny Adin

Stumpwork supplies

Gold work

Golden Hinde

Huge range of gold work supplies including threads, kid, beads, etc. 

Jenny Adin

Sarah Homfray

Range of gold work supplies 

Royal School of Needlework

Japanese rayon gimp thread

Midori Embroidery’s

Japanese Gold threads

The Art of the Needle

Gold work threads

Korry Little Shop

A range of metal threads in colours and varied colours

Crewel Work

Crewel Work Company

Linen twill

Wemyss School of Needlework

Appleton crewel wool

Royal School of Needlework

Appleton Wool in skeins or hanks, and renaissance dyeing fine crewel wool

London Bead Co

A wide range of different wools – they have Appleton but also Mogear Mohair, the Gumnut range which includes pure wool and wool/silk blends, and more!

Catkin Crown Textile Studio

Heathway Milano Crewel Wool

Sarah Homfray

Madeira Lana – wool and acrylic blend 


Crewel Work Company

Traditionally and exclusively made evenweave and twill linen. (Not available anywhere else)

Golden Hinde

Silk Dupion, cotton satin, canvas, a range of linens including evenweave and twill.

The Silk Route

Huge range of gorgeous silks including silk dupions in various colours, silk organza, and intriguing unusual weaves.

Beckford Silk

Huge range of silks, plus velvets and Nottingham Lace

Hoop and Frame

Legacy linens, up to 53/63 count

Macculloch Wallis


Lenham Needlecraft

Canvas and Twill

Hand Embroidered

Linen, twill and canvas 

Sarah Homfray

Felt, coloured linen, and twill

The Cloud Craft

100% wool felt, including 3mm thick and felt balls, plus various linen and other fabrics

Embroidery Tools

Jenny Adin

A range of specialist tools, some hand made, including stilettos, aficots, laying tools, curved scissors etc.

Crewel Work Company

Hoops and stands

Hoop and Frame

High quality hoops of various sizes and depths

Golden Hinde

Range of tools including hoops, laying tools, specialist scissor, tweezers, etc. 

London School of Embroidery

Range of tools including awls, tambour, ari hooks, thimbles, scissors etc

Midori Embroidery

Range of tools for Japanese Embroidery

Royal School of Needlework

Range of tools including frames, prick and pounce, kit, scissors, etc.

Sew and Quilt

Range of needles and pins, including Tulip Needles

Ernest Wright

Hand Made Scissors


Kai Scissors


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